Our Company

We are a collective of talent ready to serve you.


There are many elements which contribute to successful advertising and marketing. Successful advertising campaigns and strategies require gathering background information such as where you come from, where you are currently, and where you need to go. We also perform market research, and most importantly, employ a healthy amount of common sense.

Connecting with your customer is everything, and at Integrity Edge, that’s our number one priority. We are a no-nonsense, common sense, success-oriented company. For over a quarter-century, our people have been serving customers with cutting-edge creative solutions and media strategies which have elevated their businesses to the next level of success.

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Many have asked us why we use the katana as a symbol for our company, so here’s why. On a direct level, the katana represents a literal expression of our company name, Integrity Edge. The katana is one of the finest swords made, and the quality of the craftsmanship represents a level of excellence and dedication which is unparalleled in all but the rarest cases.

On a more abstract level, the katana is a symbol or extension of the samurai way of life.

The samurai code, called bushido, emphasizes these seven major tenets:

  • rectitude (moral uprightness)
  • courage
  • benevolence
  • respect
  • honesty
  • honor
  • loyalty
[The samurai] “realizes the value of others. He knows that they are essential to society, and in his…service [he] recognizes and values [them].”
James Williams

Virtue of the Sword

Drawing a parallel, we realize the value of our clients as well as the value of the audiences to whom our clients wish to communicate. Both are essential for our economy to function; put another way, businesses and their customers represent a symbiotic “circle of life” in which neither can exist fully and properly without the other. Everyone has a vital role to fulfill in order to keep our economy healthy and functioning. Failure to recognize the value of someone’s contribution to this is the first step onto what can be a very slippery slope.

Finally, the seven tenets of bushido listed above parallel the basic philosophy which guides our company. Concepts like respect, honor, loyalty, and honesty are all at the core of our way of doing business.

Our People

We are a collective of talent ready to serve you.

Integrity Edge represents a collaboration of energetic, creative people who love what they do. Their talent, skill, and passion have been the driving force behind some of the best advertising and marketing out there.

Many of these individuals are or were business owners and managers themselves; therefore, they have a first-hand understanding of what it takes to create success.

Together, this team of writers, videographers, web developers, media buyers, graphic artists, and support staff offers you over 150 years of combined experience in delivering the best for their customers.

Our Values

These core values guide and drive our daily activities.


Our people are passionate about what they do and about giving their personal best in every project. We take ownership in our work, and we pour our heart and soul into everything we do for our customers.


We tell you the truth without smoke and mirrors, whether it's pleasant or not. We take responsibility for our work, and we keep our word. We operate with integrity, and if we make a mistake, we're not afraid to make it right.


We’re creative, not only in our work, but in our problem-solving approach. We face obstacles with a commitment to find a way to “make it happen,” and with an understanding that the most obvious choice isn’t always the best one.